December 13, 2011

Remember this?

Well ... it had taken some time, some inspiration, some work, and did I mention time?
As of this moment, the virtual me got a new name and a new face (well, it is blue again, but still :P)

Enjoy checking out my blog posts, my fotos, my videos, my social media updates, even the weather forecast all in one place. And maybe the most exciting part of it is the new It's not like I thought research is not my thing and started to travel, but I think I will have something to share during my India trip which will start the day after tomorrow.

Bee happy and see you online!

October 15, 2011


It's been a while since I wrote the last time… actually more than one year and it's been a busy, busy year. This note today is an anniversary note for celebrating four years in Kassel. The fact that I did not manage to write it on the anniversary day of October 1st shows how awesome that day and weekend has been :)

When I started thinking about what I want to write, I realized I did not have a story to tell or an experience to share … it's more of reflection and insight. I thought about how many things I've learned since I am here and how much I have changed (in thinking, in attitude, in aims and aspirations) and also how many parts of the old me I have lost. One of the recent achievements would be the degree I earned last winter (one that I can put next to my name, but not yet in my ID :P), in addition to all knowledge and skills I acquired in the area I specialized for, all the people around the world I am connected to and the beautiful lifelong friendships we built. In the same time I feel like losing more and more of my connections back home, to the people I dreamed of changing the world with, to the places I once thought would be my home and to the aims and aspirations I came to Kassel with four years ago.

Here I found people I can work with but not yet found the environment that gives me the necessary inspiration and motivation to really succeed in what I am good at. I learned that my current main job is not my dream job, but that I find from time to time jobs I dreamed of doing. I learned that internationalization and international mobility might be good for the system but I don't like to have people leaving all the time. I learned that sometimes we can't change everything around us, and then we need to change something inside us.

I did not learn though how to work in a factory, how to obey, how to take a destructive feedback and how to lower my expectations (on me and on the others).

And I also learned that you need to be very careful what you wish for, because it becomes reality!

I see you!